A Life Less Interesting

I don’t even remember how I first started finding blogs to read, but they have always intrigued me. Whenever I read someone else’s blog, I can’t help but imagine how much more interesting their lives are in comparison to mine. I have this same feeling towards music I create. I like some artists that are pretty talented, and even some peers I find to be better songwriters than I. Other people I talk to about this don’t seem to think so, and I can only draw the conclusion that I suffer from the “greener grass” ideology. That which is not me is more interesting to me than that which is me. I tend to undervalue my own thoughts and words, or even the quality of my creative output. I remember one time not too long ago that Anna was telling me about a song of mine that she really liked, giving me a very nice compliment. In response I was aloof in explaining how the song is just four chords repeated over and over, and that I didn’t feel that made for a very interesting song. When I did this, I didn’t realize that I was also putting down Anna for enjoying the song, and diminishing her emotional reaction to it.
My point is that the day to day things that we brush aside are really not that mundane, it is just our attitude towards them. You can find joy all around you, but you have to be in a mindset that is receptive to it. No one person’s life is really that much more exciting, although of course their are those that do lead exceptional lives. But for the most part almost everyone has something to say, and is interesting in their own way. Some less than others, but still, there are so many different worldviews to encouter which can lead to a well-rounded way of seeing life.
I have always liked the idea of Extra Medium. Or more succinctly to be fantastically mediocre. Not in the way I express myself, but in a way that the story of my life would not be remarkable. To be just another person who lived on the Earth for a short time during the period that humanity flourished.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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