16 1/2 Hours and Counting

That is how many more work hours I have to get through before Particle Zoo enters the studio this Saturday. Some of us are actually going to stay in the upstairs apartment on Friday night, to ensure an early start. I am not, as my wife and baby will be staying with my in-laws this artificially created three-day weekend, and I’m going to splay myself out across the entirety of our king size bed. I can’t wait; to record or to stretch my limbs.
This is the first time I have the chance to do some serious recording in a real studio. Up until now, I have recorded with this guy in college who had an ADAT machine (who I still haven’t paid for his services); some friends of my aunt’s in a nicer studio, but still driven by an ADAT; and a studio in a rapidly deteriorating building on 2” tape; and some others I can’t remember (like recording with Lizzie West in NYC). This is the first time I’ll get to record into a ProTools rig using some great vintage keys besides the ones I own (Thanks Anna), and the first time spending lots of money on a recording. I’m not spending my own money, but still, I have a responsibility for the payout regardless of who actually drafts the check. I’m seriously excited about this, and we will be in and out of the studio for a month or so getting our compositions onto a hard drive. I imagine that the sound quality will be better than I can possibly fathom. Let’s hope so anyway. I feel like my musical life has finally reached a level where I am VERY proud of what we do, and no longer harbor negative feelings regarding our creative output. Also, for the last year we’ve been playing with a “new” drummer. We’ve all known him for years, but he just joined the band last year. The chemistry between us has been much improved since John took over the drumstool, and we haven’t had a moment of tension in the group for a long time now. We’re just all on similar wavelengths, so the disruption is minimal.
Things around the house have been great, if not tiring. Anna is starting to get hit harder with fatigue as the baby in her belly (that’s what we tell Bunny almost everyday “Mommy has a baby in her belly”) grows bigger and bigger. And as she loses energy, I have to pick up the slack, which drains me of my energy. But I feel like our relationship is doing really well. Especially with Bunny, she is more and more like a little person everyday, and now we laugh and dance and make noises together. She’s quite fun, although she can be cranky at times. Whenever I tell someone what a good baby she is, Anna looks at me crookedly. I guess I have a tendency to forget about Bunny’s crankiness sometimes. But isn’t that what daddies are for?


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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