Incredibly Insulting

Just read this article about Bush’s slackening:

Don’t Stop Him Even If You’ve Heard This One [WP].

I found it incredulous that Bush is starting to really play up his lack of education, which kind of tacitly points to the nepotistic avenues down which Bush has been fortunate enough to travel, all thanks to the hard (if mostly evil) work of his family.

I guess he is so arrogant as to think that people wouldn’t draw those conclusions: Powerful father, slacker son, shaky election, shady ballot counting, sudden leader of America. I mean, really, the general public is not so stupid as to not figure these things out. Although, at this point he has been elected, and barring some egregious criminal activity (Iraq doesn’t count, somehow; nor Abu Ghirab (sp?)) he is our president until 2008.

For those familiar with my attitude that we are living in a world created solely for my pleasure, this white house is a good counter-argument. Although they’re still making tons of movies based on Philip K. Dick stories!


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

One thought on “Incredibly Insulting”

  1. We haven’t seen nothing yet! Wait until social security gets fucked with. Better start saving now! Wait, maybe stuff money under the mattress because eventually the market will collapse under the tremendous debt our country is faced with and our investments will be wortheless anyway. I will save just enough money for tent and passageway to Hawaii. I have read that you could live off the pineapples for a long while and sleep for free on the beach. (ps read your email about me coming down next month).

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