Mommy, I think your computer could use some coffee

Yesterday I wasn’t able to make coffee because the coffee pot overflowed all over the counter and onto the floor, leaving me no time to make another pot after cleaning everything up. So Anna was unable to enjoy her morning coffee. This morning I gingerly put everything together, and successfully brewed a full pot of coffee while I got my clothes on and took the trash out. Anna was able to finally have a cup of coffee after two days of waking to find an empty coffee pot in the sink. I’m sure she must have been relieved to find it sitting there waiting for her this morning. So she went about her normal morning ritual of getting some food in Bunny’s belly, and relaxing in the living room to check email and enjoy the wireless internet connection on her Dell laptop. She placed her almost empty coffee cup in the half-wall adjacent to her big blue chair, and Bunny was surely crawling and walking around, grabbing and playing with whatever caught her eye. It was then that Bunny took the coffee cup, swung it hard, and dumped the remaining coffee onto Anna’s computer. For any computer, liquids are poison. I’m sure her computer is no different. Actually, this has been my biggest fear regarding Anna’s computer, because it regularly gets drops of baby formula and other food debris on it, just by virtue of it’s low location on a stool next to Anna’s chair, and the propensity for babies to want to explore everything they can get their hands on. Also, Bunny is particularly interested in electronic devices, just like Daddy. So now Anna is sitting at home without the benefit of her computer or the internet. It may be possible to salvage her laptop, but she wants a new computer anyway. I love this…seriously. Not only does she want to get a new one, but she wants to get a new Apple computer! Awesome! She is interested in picking up the new Mac Mini, and I couldn’t be happier. I guess she likes my laptop a lot, as well as her own iPod too. So we are on our way to becoming an exclusively Apple house, and being an Apple fan, that makes me smile. Now I’m going to go buy our movie tickets for Ring 2 tonight, and then price out a new Mac Mini!

[Update: Anna let her computer dry out and this afternoon it is working normally again! She still wants to get a new computer too. I love it. She is excited about technology!]


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

4 thoughts on “Mommy, I think your computer could use some coffee”

  1. Phew!

    Okay, I unplugged my computer and let it dry out for a little while and it appears to be in working order again.

    This is bittersweet because I still want a new computer!

    Maybe it will still die?

    I can’t wait to go to the movies tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fuck it, you can still get a new computer…I’ve been there, i know how it feels to want one so bad you can taste it. We can keep the other laptop around for when Bunny is a little older. We can get a keyboard and mouse for it so she won’t have to worry about that crappy “o”. No problemo.

  3. A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

    Seven toffee doughnuts

    Having not eaten
    For well over twenty minutes,
    The young woman was hungry.

    She logged on to the internet,
    And ordered a stuffed crust pizza
    With double pepperoni and chocolate,
    French fries,
    Seven toffee doughnuts
    And a butterscotch milkshake.

    Imagine her surprise, two minutes later,
    When out of her printer came a small piece of lettuce,
    And a plastic cup of raspberry leaf tea.

    More may be encountered:

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