The blahs

For whatever reason I have been pretty disgruntled at work for the past few days. I do not know the cause, as nothing has really changed besides the day of the week, but I just can’t stand being here for the time being. Usually these dark feelings will go away after a while, so here’s to that!
Bunny is now walking around a lot more, instead of just crawling when she wants to get somewhere. She is a really smart little creature too. After showing her only once how to unwrap a Cadbury’s Creme Egg she patiently worked the wrapper off herself when left alone with one. Most kids under a year in age wouldn’t be able to do that. She has some pretty amazing dexterity for her age. I am impressed.
Anna and I have started having sex intermittenly, and that is nice. It is nice to excercise physical manifestations of our love for one another. It is difficult to do all the time because by the end of any day she and I are both physically exhausted…what with work and running around the house after a baby all day.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

One thought on “The blahs”

  1. I like you Jay Holler. I like having sex with you too. AND, I think our baby might need to skip kindergarten in order to see her full potential. I also think she’s sick. AND I think that she loves Ellen DeGeneres.

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