The Urinator

Oddly enough I awoke this morning to a light trickle running down my leg. I had just finished wetting my side of the bed. I was confused, and the clock read 7:30 PM, meaning the alarm I set for 7:00 AM did not sound off so I needed to get up and moving quickly. As I do every morning, I went to the bathroom immediately and took a whiz. I had plenty of pee left, so I can only imagine that I either had a bladder that was full to bursting and just let loose a little, or I was dreaming of urinating (I can’t honestly remember what I was dreaming about), or some combination of the two. Either way, I left a little puddle of pee in the bed, and as Anna and Bunny were still asleep and I was running late I didn’t have any time to clean it up or get the sheets in the laundry. Goddamn it. It was kinda freaky, and I hope that I don’t have any problems with my bladder, or some kind of infection. That would truly suck. My insides still feel a hint of soreness, as though my bladder was stretched to its limit. Hopefully this won’t happen again any time soon. I don’t really mind being a bedwetter, but our mattress can only soak up so much pee, and it’s a really nice mattress.

Do any of you have any fun peeing stories involving your sleep chambers?


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

2 thoughts on “The Urinator”

  1. Honey, are you certain you weren’t just dreaming? The reason I ask is because I did a close inspection of both the sheets and the mattress pad and found both to be dry and stainless.

    I washed them just in case… but there is no evidence (not even a pee pee odor) left behind.

  2. I am certain that fluid was exiting my penal gland when I woke up. I touched the fluid, and smelled it. I couldn’t smell anything foul, but my nose was clogged and we all know smokers have weakened senses of smell. I am also certain that there was a wet stain on the mattress. This is really strange. I am surprised that no wetness or stain was detectable. I guess all’s well that ends well, but still an interesting event occurred this morning. I really wish I could remember what I was dreaming about right before I woke up. But I am certain that when I touched the fluid on my legs that I was awake, I was walking to the bathroom. Strange.

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