Fucked Up Day

Wednesday started like any other day, for me at least. I got out of bed, prepared for work, and drove to the office.
When I got to my mother-in-law’s for lunch she informed me that Anna’s car wasn’t starting and we may need to have it towed. A few minutes later Anna showed up, frazzled because Bunny was cranky all morning and difficult to deal with all day. She left her car running and it got her home, but wouldn’t start again once she turned it off. Fuck. Poor Anna, her day was already going rough at 1 PM.
I got almost through the whole day without some fuckup messing it up for me. But as I was driving around town doing site inspections I got a call from the office. Someone called to complain about their neighbor putting up a fence without a permit. The secretary knew he didn’t have one because he had just left the office after applying for a permit. So I head all the way across town and stop in to see him. The contractor was a guy who I’ve had to dole violations to in the past, as was one of his workers. I’m a popular guy around here. So I told them they had to stop, yadda yadda, blah blah blah.
I wind up getting home a little late because of this last minute property visit. Anna and I finished getting ready to go to the Nelly McKay show at Irving Plaza and left to pick up Andrea on the way. After getting off of Route 80, we followed her directions which led us to a T intersection with two separate lights. One was for people going straight/right, and the other was a left turn only light. We were turning left. The box truck in front of us drove away when the straight/right light turned green (the left turn only was still red). I started to move forward to the line since he was gone. But the truck behind me thought that I was going to continue, and slammed on his brakes and honked the horn. I made a split second decision which was not good. I pulled forward and went on my way. Immediately I was pulled over by a cop. He ticketed me for failure to obey a traffic signal and went on his way. Ok. That sucked, but it wasn’t the end of the world. I was pretty pissed about it, but what could I do? I definitely ran the red light. I tried to explain myself but it didn’t matter to him. Also, the court date is next Wednesday, and I don’t have the time off to take from work to go there. So I’ve got to swallow the points. This is all ironic because I am VERY careful about driving because I’m on the brink of losing my license for too many points. Goddamn.
So we get Andrea, and travel into the city, and things are looking up. As we are weaving through the dense traffic trying to get to Union Square, we hit a huge pothole. My right front tire goes flat, and a cabbie lets us know that there is a tire fixing place right around the block. It cost $75 for a new tire, and in less than fifteen minutes we were on our way again. The rest of the night was relatively uneventful, thankfully. The show was great and the opening act was the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Good music, good times. Nelly McKay was really good, although she kept messing up songs and starting over or completely skipping songs. It was ok though because she was such a great singer and the lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard in a while.
I just couldn’t believe how many shitty things went down in one day. Thanks to karma we should have plenty of easy days ahead of us as we dealt with a huge amount of stress for one family for Wednesday. Tonight I return to the studio for the rest of the weekend, and Anna is staying at her mom’s house…so we should have relatively stress-free living at least until Monday.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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