Final Studio Weekend

This weekend Particle Zoo holed up in the studio again to finish working on our new album. I got there early Thursday evening, and immediately began work on recording parts to fill out the album. I got stuck on the background vocals for “Blue Walrus” and decided to give it up for the night and come back to it in the morning. I must have sang the same two lines about 40-50 times, and my throat was rending. The boyz showed up a little later, and we finished the night having made a lot of progress towards completing the overdubs.

In the morning I finally nailed my vocals for “Blue Walrus”. I was relieved that I was just having a tough time the previous night, and not some chronic condition which would forever alter my voice. Singing background vocals is probably the hardest vocal task one can attempt. Singing lead vocals is much easier. You have to blend your voice differently to sing background vocals. This was a good learning experience. Also, singing at the top of your range isn’t always the best way to embellish a song.
John added some tasty percussion to a few tracks, and we were ready for mixing. The way this worked was as follows:
Don would work on the drums first, tweaking the sound until he liked how it served the song. It also sounded really good. I don’t know specifically what he’s doing, but I know his knowledge of good sounds is trustworthy. He had a pretty accurate idea of how we wanted things to sound. He also had some really great ideas which we decided to keep. We are all very excited about how great the album is coming out. We got a lot of great sounds with Don’s help, and I think it really shows. This will be the best recording we have ever made.

It was so nice to finally get home and see Anna and Bunny. I missed them both, and I missed our home. I don’t mean the physical house, but the feeling of being in our home with Anna and our babygirl. We got to relax at home on Monday, but tonight Anna is at her mother’s house with Bunny. I’m in Rockaway sitting in the living room with Dara, James, and M****a, waiting for Scott to get home, and then later for Jeff to bring the Mixes with him. I can’t wait to hear them, and play them for those who’s opinions I value.

I feel very good about this record.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

One thought on “Final Studio Weekend”

  1. It sounds really wonderful Jay. Maybe it’ll help make you guys wildly successful!

    Bunny and I missed you a lot while you were gone this time too. I can’t wait until you and I are able to just spend a little bit of time together. I love you!

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