Nobody else has, so I will

I have been waiting to read everyone’s thoughts on the past weekend, but I guess I’ll be the first.
Friday night started out with good times as I drove out to Union to pick up Kevin, and then headed over to Newark Airport to get Billy Reuben. We looked around on the wrong parking level for a while, and then Kevin finally convinced me that we were looking one story too high. I could’ve sworn we were on the third floor. We got home in good time, and our friends slept over in comfort.
Saturday morning I was able to sleep in a little, and Anna, Bunny and I played outside in the backyard. Anna made breakfast for everyone and we sat in the sun and enjoyed each other’s company while Anna prepared for the night’s festivities. Around 4PM our friends started to show up. Erik, Jay Baker, JP, Andrea, Bongo Bill, Logan, and others all came to enjoy the food, fun, and laughter with us. It was unexplainably awesome to see all those fellas and ladies that I haven’t seen in so long. I felt a little bad because I wasn’t able to really spend any lenghty period of time with any one person. I was running around the house from place to place to evenly distribute my time with everyone. I also tried to let Anna get time in with everyone too. All in all though it was just nice to see everyone.
Sunday we had Bunny’s birthday party at my in-law’s house. We got to see everybody again, and Bunny seemed to have a really good time. It was nice to see some of my family, and I took Bunny for as much time as I could so Anna could socialize without having to worry about all the household and food preperation matters she was dealing with on Saturday. By the end of the day though, we were both extremely exhausted. Poor Anna had been running herself ragged for the past few days. We got home with Logan and Kevin, but only after Anna’s car wouldn’t start at the gas station and we transferred Bunny’s car seat into Logan’s car and left Anna’s car for repairs. After relaxing at home for a while I finally felt up to the long drive to drop Kevin off. I gave Bunny her bath and then we left. It was nice to have some time alone with Kevin, and I got home before 1AM, so that was nice.
Then yesterday was a killer at work. Almost right away I got a complaint from one of these people that moves West from Eastern NJ and wants things to be exactly the same as where they came from. She is a pain in my ass, and I sincerely hope she just moves away. I spent the majority of my day on the phone yesterday, taking complaints, explaining ordinances, and verifying zoning designations. I had court, as I do almost every Monday afternoon now, and I had to deal with some minor issues but the standing Prosecutor Lisa was kind enough to take care of my cases before the judge, so I could get outta work on time for Bunny’s one year well-baby visit. The doctor’s visit was rough. Bunny was scared and anxious as soon as the nurse started checking her stats. She is at an age now where she knows what is coming at the end of the appointment, shots. Last time I took her for shots she had four. This time was only two shots, but it was MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), and Chickenpox. I hope she doesn’t get too sick from it, last night she was wiped out. She got pretty cranky as the night wore on, and Anna and I were both pretty braindead. I felt really badly for Anna last night. When pressed she said she was just feeling melancholy. I can’t help but feel like I’m at fault though everytime she is unhappy or just generally not in a good mood. I’m sure it wasn’t the case last night, but I just feel so guilty when she is feeling down. As though my actions are directly contributing to her sadness. I hope not. I don’t think so, but life is complicated, there are so many things going on any given day, it’s hard to tell if I may have done something, or forgotten to do something which contributed to Anna’s mood. It will be really nice when we have a few hours to ourselves again…we are constantly bombarded by taking care of Bunny, our house, our bills, our cars, and all the other things which need constant maintenance. For the record though, I wouldn’t want things any different, except maybe for my job. But for now that is fine too.


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3 thoughts on “Nobody else has, so I will”

  1. Aw Sweet Pickle! You didn’t do anything to make me feel poorly. I’ve just been on the go for awhile now. Most of it has been fun. I love having people over and taking Bunny outside all day, but it’s also physically exhausting- especially with my growing belly. And on top of everything, I’m nesting, so all I want to do is clean… but by the end of the day my whole entire self aches. And when Bunny is freaking out at the dr’s office and I have to keep her arms pinned down so they can shoot diseases into her legs while her eyes are wild and tears are rolling out of her eyes as she screams in terror… it’s emotionally really draining for me. It’s painful for me when I see her in discomfort.

    Thank you for being so supportive and for helping me so much this weekend.


  2. Hey a little Permison birdy told me that there is a link to some pics from that weekend. Is this true?? Thanks again for an AWESOME weekend!

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