My cigarettes which arrived via a foreign country are waiting for me at home. This makes me glad, as the American version of my brand taste awful and make my life a little less comfortable. But the international versions are smooth and sweet, much to my enjoyment.
There has been a lot that happened lately, actually, just I find it difficult to conjure the motivation to write about it.
Well, firstly Bunny is expanding her vocabulary almost on a daily basis. She can almost say Scott, and she is trying very hard to get the right sounds to come out of her mouth. Just yesterday she started saying “poopy baby” over and over. She also wants to put change in her piggy bank on a daily basis now. And if you leave your purse within reach, she will pilfer the valueable coinage and deposit it for future use. She is just too cute. It will be nice when the weather gets nicer and Bunny and Anna can spend more times outdoors, they both love it so much.
Anna has been feeling better than a few weeks ago, although lately she gets extremely tired by the end of the night. Her legs and other parts have been more sore lately, which stinks, but it is all part of the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy, which we are rapidly approaching. So while the pain and soreness stinks, it is getting closer to the end. Granted, the end is the worst part, but she’s getting there!
Last weekend we had a full schedule. Saturday morning we left for Asbury Park for my step-cousin’s child’s second birthday party. My step-cousin is my step-father’s niece, although I feel no relation with that side of the family. Not for want of them trying, but I just don’t feel close to them. Heck, I don’t even feel close to my blood relatives, nevermind step-relatives. It was, however, nice to see that side of the family, and catch up a little bit. We got outta there earlier than we expected, and it was nice to get home. Although once home we had to go grocery shopping. Luckily my in-laws left $$$ for us to do that, and since Anna wasn’t feeling up to it I went solo shopping. I’m getting better at it, but I usually take about 33% more time to do it than Anna would. It was painless though, and I got home in one piece and in time for dinner.
Sunday we had planned to go to Hoboken for their Arts & Music Festival, but Bunny woke up late, and we took advantage of the extra morning time to sleep longer. We did manage to get out to Hackettstown for their Fair, but it was mostly lame. We got home just a few more minutes before the band started showing up. We had a nice long rehearsal, and Christian came over too. Rehearsal went really well, as we refreshed our memories and played through a bunch of songs to prepare for our first show in many months! It was a good time. Christian payed us back all the money he borrowed from us last year! Hooray for saving!
Monday my boss was out, and I was able to waste more time than usual at work. Tuesday breezed by, and now Wednesday is appearing to do the same. With the new release of Mac OSX “Tiger”, there is a lot to read on the internet this week. So I’m gonna get back to doing so.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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