The weather is finally starting to turn nice again, and I can go out in the municipal vehicle without having to put any extra layers on. Just walk right out of the building. Sweet. Work lately has been pretty dull, but I did receive a hostile call a few weeks ago. See, I had issued a notice of violation to a particular property owner whom has the unfortunate luck of owning a piece of property that passing vehicles are continually littering onto. Now, I can’t help the litter problem, but I received a complaint about it from guys who lived nearby and cleaned it up themselves after trying to get the owner to do something about it. So the other day he calls, and was about as unprofessional as anyone can be. He made derogatory statements about my station in life, insulted me many times, and threw in a bushel of curses for affect. It was actually quite ridiculous. All of this anger because I was following standard procedure for notices of violation as outlined within the Administrative Code. He thought I should have called him first, to explain the issue. I told him about the way we HAVE to do things, but that wasn’t enough for him. The next morning I informed my boss what happened, so that she wouldn’t be surprised when the dude came in complaining. She was surprised, as she knew the fellow, and explained to me that this guy was the Electrician of note for our town. No shit. So basically, I now have to apply my “double standard” anti-ethical approach when dealing with this guy in the future. We don’t send notices to “friends” of the town, we just give warnings. Unless the violation becomes long term and egregious. I hate politics. I don’t want to have to deal with shit like this. It makes me uncomfortable to treat people differently from one another, and it makes it worse when I have to force someone else to pay a fine when certain “protected” citizens need not worry about such matters. Why is it so difficult to make everyone follow the same set of rules? Why is it that when a wealthy person is confronted with a violation, they will stop at nothing to disprove the charges when they know they are guilty? What the fuck is up with that? If you break the law, fucking take responsibility for it. Suck it up. You fucked up. Fuck you.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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