UNIX / Eunuchs

I decided the other day to start learning UNIX in order to eventually pursue a career as a system administrator. When I told Anna this she though I was saying the word “eunuchs”! No thank you!
I have always loved technology, often spending the better part of my childhood weekends at Mom’s house in front of the computer. To be able to work in an environment where I was responsible for all the computers in a building sounds great. I have read some articles and done some research, and sure a lot of it is boring and droll, but it sure as hell beats my current work situation. So I have dived head first into UNIX using some tutorials online, which has been keeping me up way past my bedtime for the past few nights. I feel as though in the long run it will be worth it though, as I can enjoy working in a career which I choose, rather than a job that was handed to me which I’m not really qualified to do.
On the heels of this new chapter I read an article today that suggested the number of IT professionals is decreasing while the demand has been increasing. What they actually said was that less students are enrolling in IT programs throughout the US (no further information is given, so we’re just stuck having to take their word (Slashdot that is)), which is not surprising because you don’t necessarily need to have official accredidation in order to pursue a job in this field. James for example is self-taught, and he currently owns his own consulting business at 25! Although I suspect James is a little more advanced than your average *nixer, or even your advanced *nixer.
Anyway, it give me great hope that I can actually change the course of my life and pursue something I want/like to do. I really enjoy the technical knowledge I’m gaining, as well as the ability to control a computer without using the GUI (Graphical User Interface). I feel like I’ve joined some kind of secret society…

In general my attitude has been good lately, largely due to my new project of independent study. Also, we’re on the cusp of getting our new record back from the plant, meaning we can start the promotion process, as well as the college radio push. That is going to be very satisfying. Who knows what could come out of that whole thing! The possibilities are exciting, although the odds are decidedly against us. You never know though, and you never can tell.

Anna and Bunny have started getting better from their colds, which is very nice, especially since Bunny has been supercranky the last few days, which is trying on me for the few hours I’m home after work. No doubt it is absolutely murder to Anna, who has to be with her all day long…yesterday Bunny didn’t even take a nap until late afternoon! OUCH!

This weekend we are having a bunch of guests over for dinner, which should be interesting…and then Sunday is the typical rehearsal/dinner. We had a rehearsal last night and things are finally coming back into a place where the songs are sounding good again. We were a bit rusty for the first few weeks since finishing the record and everyone’s hectic schedules (Jeff was in Europe, Scott went to FL, John was running around like a chicken without it’s head) didn’t help to get us back in shape. But last night gave me hope that we will be ready to rock next week at the Pussycat Lounge. I can’t believe the show has creeped up so quickly already. The weeks have just flown by!

Well, here’s to more good times to come…


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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