The Fridays

I realized that I haven’t updated my blog because there is only a small window of opportunity to do so. Typically, if I don’t do it right away first thing in the morning I wind up being too distracted to do it. Luckily this morning leaves me with only one of three coworkers in the office, so the distractions are minimal.
Our new record should arrive today, and that will feel great.

THis weekend Anna’s mom is taking Bunny for a night and roughly a 24 hour period. I am really looking forward to this. While it is great to spend time with Bunny, I really just want some time to myself, mostly just to study up on Unix and learn new things. I haven’t had any time lately do to so, and the other night I secured my iBook with a root password and then promptly forgot it. I do however have a solution which should work fine that I will try out tonight.

Anna is starting to feel worse and worse as the last third of her pregnancy begins…this is the time when all the aches and soreness really start in earnest…I wish there was something I could do to physically comfort her, but not even a CAT scan revealed the cause of her leg pain at night. I have been trying to keep Bunny occupied when I’m around, but that’s only for a few hours a night, and then Bunny insists on being with Anna.

There is not really anything else interesting to talk about, or anthing which comes to mind anyway…


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

2 thoughts on “The Fridays”

  1. Hi Honey. This is really depressing. I think you need a vacation or something. I feel as though you’re never very a happy with our life together and the baby and everything. Even when I write things that are positive (to me) you respond to them in a “don’t worry, everything will look up later.” But, for me, though things are tiring and hard sometimes, they are generally pleasurable. I hope that someday you’re ablet to experience the kind of pleasure I do from our family. Until then… maybe you should think about Prozac or Zyban.

  2. Nah, it just comes out sounding a lot worse than it is. What I feel like I need is a good chunk of alone time, which we’ll be getting Saturday. So, I should feel better. I’m not very good at expressing myself, so it might sound like I’m a lot more surly than I actually am. I would have to say that life is generally pleasurable also, it’s just that sometimes I want to just be left alone for a few hours to do my own thing. Unfortunately, at this time in our lives that is not possible very often. That is mostly what I mean when I say that it will get better in a relatively short amount of time. We will raise our daughters and teach them things their whole lives, but in a few years they will be going off to school everyday and starting to experience life without our constant supervision. And probably a few years after that they will have their own activities which they will conduct seperately from us (ie homework, sports, karate, music, etc.) which will provide us with a little more time to focus on the acitivities with which we would like to occupy our minds. I know that you have tons of projects/ideas/poetry/painting/writing you would love to do as well which you never get to, so I don’t really feel as though it’s fair for me to complain; especially considering that I already get to do rehearsals, shows, recordings, and everything else demanded by pzoo. That’s all thats going on. I am basically a hermit when it comes to how i want to spend my time…I like doing activities alone for long uninterrupted periods (which is what attracted me so much to music/practicing/etc., and is currently attracting me to Unix) and at this point in time it isn’t fair or right for me to do that. However, I feel as though the tradeoff is worth it: playing with Bunny, spending time with the both of you having fun, showing Bunny new things and watching her learn and grow. All of these things I love. The loss of some alone time is not the end of the world, but sometimes it makes me cranky. I don’t think it’s anything I need to get medication for, I just prefer more alone time than the average bear. But this is in no way an appeal to get more alone time, and with Lila on the way it is definitely not possible. Such is life. I can deal. And I will.

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