Linux in the House!

Wow, it has been a really long time since I last posted. Well, since then I have started going to class at Chubb three nights a week, which is really really time consuming when you work full time and have a family of three you would like to see more of. I have been learning Linux like crazy, and even built my own PVR using MythTV, and programmed my computer to control my cable box. Exciting stuff once it all worked! I also have a website up that I can use to control the PVR when I’m away from the house, and just today I learned how to make it at least marginally secure by requiring a username/password. I’m struggling along to learn everything in my current Windows Server 2003 class, but I’m also trying to learn as much as I can about Linux when I’m not in school. I love it very much, and I have never felt so fulfilled as when I solve computer problems, or make something work the way I want it to. Good times.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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