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I thought today I’d share my method of taking avi files I’ve got stored on my NFS share and creating DVDs which will play in North American region DVD players, complete with menus and animated thumbnail previews. I do this on the same Linux box used below for transcoding and storing mp4s. This server is running Ubuntu 8.10, and I use the tovid suite of tools to accomplish the creation of the DVD menus, and transcode the files for maximum compatibility, and then genisoimage and growisofs to make the VIDEO_TS folder and burn it to DVD. With the following script it is possible to get it all done in one shot:

todisc \
-menu-title “Lost: Season\ 1” \
-menu-fade \
-menu-font Arial \
-menu-fontsize 20 \
-title-color ‘#ffffff’ \
-stroke-color lightgray \
-files \
/storage/TV/Lost/Season\ 1/S01E13.avi \
/storage/TV/Lost/Season\ 1/S01E14.avi \
/storage/TV/Lost/Season\ 1/S01E15.avi \
/storage/TV/Lost/Season\ 1/S01E16.avi \
/storage/TV/Lost/Season\ 1/S01E17.avi \
/storage/TV/Lost/Season\ 1/S01E18.avi \
-thumb-font Arial \
-thumb-fontsize 20 \
-thumb-text-color ‘#ffffff’ \
-titles \
“Episode 13” \
“Episode 14” \
“Episode 15” \
“Episode 16” \
“Episode 17” \
“Episode 18” \
-showcase \
-showcase-titles-align west \
-text-mist \
-text-mist-color gray85 \
-text-mist-opacity 70 \
-out LostS01Eps13-18

genisoimage -dvd-video -input-charset=ISO-8859-1 -J -R -o LostS01Eps13-18.iso LostS01Eps13-18

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw1=LostS01Eps13-18.iso

So there you have it. Fairly simple, but so cool to be able to make DVDs for your less tech-savvy friends to enjoy.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

2 thoughts on “Sharing is caring”

  1. trial and error. 6 seems to be the sweet spot for one hour shows. i haven’t tried 7 because i don’t want to push it.

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