Buddy Times

I just went away for a quick weekend with two of my best buddies.  We converged by plane in the great state of Maine, and basically just played video games and drank beers until we couldn’t stay awake anymore.  I was so excited to go that I didn’t sleep a wink the night before.  There is just something about spending some time with your friends that is so refreshing to the mind and spirit.  We had a great time, and I look forward to our plan of having quarterly get-togethers like that, each time at the next guy’s house, round robin style.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

One thought on “Buddy Times”

  1. Hey, I know that it’s very soon after, but maybe you’d like to invite them over for the last weekend of the month???? Or, at the very least, PG.

    I mean, we’ll be gone!!!!!

    Or, anytime you want to plan something like that, just let me know.

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