Hardware keyboards on small devices

One of the things I really love about my phone is the software based keyboard, which can change to fit the context of what I am doing with it, and get out of the way to fully use the screen when I’m not.  Another really great thing is being able to use the keyboard in portrait or landscape orientation.  Something that really bugs me about the Palm Pre is that this is not an option.  As far as I know from what I’ve read, there is no software keyboard, so you are stuck using the portrait orientation for anything requiring a keyboard.  While there are advantages, I personally prefer a software keyboard done right over a hardware keyboard any day.  It is very nice for me to have the software keyboard react with the slightest touch, whereas the hardware keyboard will not register a keypress until the metal contacts below are pushed far enough to close a circuit.  Maybe I’m a little picky, but I’m kind of a snob when it comes to phones, and before the iPhone i went through 5 cell phones the year prior, mostly by Nokia.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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