Done with Jailbreaking

I am giving up on jailbreaking my iPhone. It takes too much effort, the phone becomes too buggy, and I ultimately don’t need to do anything that jailbreaking provides for me. Yes, it is really awesome to have an app on my phone that automatically scrobbles all music or podcasts that I listen to in the iPod app up to my account, but totally not necessary. Yes, it is totally badass to be able to discriminately choose which apps will run in the background, but also not entirely necessary. The last straw was when I decided to remove WinterBoard, which is an application that lets you change interface elements such as icons, background images on the home screen and much more. I had decided to remove it because I wanted to speed my phone back up, it does take some resources to run, and I wanted those resources back. Well, after uninstalling WinterBoard I had to reboot my device because the application puts some really deep hooks into the system. It never turned back on. It would try, the Apple logo would appear and the phone stayed in that state for a minute or two, but then it just went dark. Subsequent attempts to start the phone just ended in frustration. I ultimately had to do a full restore to factory settings in order to recover my device. I will be sad to lose the additional functionality, most especially StatusNotifier, which places small icons that look like they were designed by Apple themselves in your taskbar for missed calls, emails, text messages, and IMs. I can’t have my phone running unstable software though, as it’s a pretty important communication device to me, especially since my wife and I don’t use a landline at all in our apartment. This also isn’t the first time that I have run into issues with a jailbroken iPhone. A few months ago I had filmed a short video clip, attempted to upload that video to youtube, and then my phone went into total brick mode. In this instance I was left having to do a full restore, just as was the case today.
Android is starting to look better and better, although I know that platform isn’t without it’s flaws as well, but at least they have a kickass notification system built in without having to hack anything.


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

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