iCacti for iPhone ties into running cacti instances

I recently started setting up all kinds of different monitoring and alerting systems on my own Linux box I keep at home for media storage and as a playground/lab. About a week ago I installed cacti and started setting up all kinds of graphs and pollers to hit my localhost as well as the router which spans our internal and external networks. It was simple, and I started to think about how great it is going to be to have all this data logged so I can refer to the data at a later date. Of course, being the iPhone app junkie that I am, I went out looking for an iPhone app that ties into my running cacti instance, and that is exactly what I found.
iCacti only requires that you can supply a URL, username, and password to log into your own instance of cacti running somewhere either in your internal network or over the internet. Setting things up took about 10 seconds. I ran into a problem where the data wasn’t being read from my cacti server, but I worked with the developer Várkonyi Balázs through email and we were able to get everything working. To reward me for helping him get it working with my older version of cacti, he sent me a pre-release copy of the hotfix he sent to Apple. Now, some screenshots.

List of currently configured graphs for my cacti instance

LocalHost Load Average
LocalHost Load Average in landscape

You can also change the length of time that the graph displays, or refresh the graph you are currently viewing. The thing I like the most about this is that it uses existing technologies rather than making you have to run another open port in order to feed the app. It even supports SSL connections to your webserver of choice.

The app runs smoothly and provides the data I need in a beautiful little app. Well worth the $1.99!

Check it out: iCacti iTunes Link


Author: jayholler

A technology lover living in California with my wife and two children.

One thought on “iCacti for iPhone ties into running cacti instances”

  1. unfortunately it requires the iPhone 3.1.3 software update. Not planning to update my phone just for this app….

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