The downfall of Rdio and my journey to find a replacement

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 2.07.16 PMRdio breaks some bad news

On November 16th, 2015 Rdio announced that they were filing for bankruptcy, and their intellectual property was being purchased by Pandora for $75 million. I had been using Rdio for several years, after a coworker of mine at Twitter informed me that one of the employee perks was a free unlimited subscription.

The signs that Rdio might be in trouble weren’t hard to come by. Each year there were layoffs (not a great sign for a pre-IPO company), and eventually, whatever deal Twitter and Rdio had in place expired and Twitter employees were given the chance to continue with a paid subscription without losing account details and history. I jumped at the chance because I loved the service so much, and had in fact already been paying for several other accounts for my family members to use. I ignored any signs that the company was in trouble because the service provided a very valuable and hard to come by feature for me: If you limit the amount of people you followed to those with very similar musical tastes to your own, Rdio was a wonderful discovery machine. I could see the last thing my friends had been listening to, as well as their most recent history, and there was even a feature that lumped together all the new stuff people across my social graph were listening to. I found this to be just as good if not better than the holy grail of music recommendation, word of mouth. In the last few years I have discovered and enjoyed so many new albums and groups, all thanks to the wonderful work of the team at Rdio.

Apple Music to the rescue?

When Apple Music offered a free 3 month trial in August, I signed up for it because I’m always trying out different services and I figured there is no harm, it’s free! I enjoyed the fact that almost everything I wanted was in the Apple Music catalog, but that one great feature from Rdio was nowhere to be found. In fact, your Apple Music library lives in a bit of a vacuum, and it’s not possible to see what your friends are listening to or what they have recently saved to their own music library. I also had some other issues with Apple Music on iOS. I like to download music for offline listening because I commute by train from my home to San Francisco, and there are several points where the train is underground and my phone loses reception completely. When this happens, the Apple Music play next queue disappears, and becomes inaccessible until you are online again, at which point it will have been zeroed out. A frustrating experience for someone like me who tends to queue up a number of albums I am in the mood to listen to at once, only to discover less than 40 minutes into my commute that my play queue has been erased by some shitty software bug. (At least I hope it’s a bug, because if the development team at Apple decided this was the way such an event should be handled than they can go fuck themselves.)

So after several weeks spending most of my time listening to music through Apple Music, I went back to Rdio, and not long after that was when they made their announcement, leaving me in a lurch.

I knew Apple Music was probably the path of least resistance, since they already had my music library (i.e. I didn’t have to sit there and feed it artists and albums for days, like Spotify) but their software had proven to only make me dislike trying to listen to my music. I did give Spotify an attempt or two, but I really dislike that piece of software, and the service does not treat albums, artists, and tracks as equal entities the way Rdio did, so it became tedious to try and use the service in a way which it wasn’t intended to be used, i.e. listening to whole albums, and queueing several albums at once for listening throughout the day.

The Queue

One other feature I will dearly miss from Rdio is the ability to keep track of your play queue from any device. For example, when I would complete my work day, I would press pause on the Mac desktop version of Rdio, and then plug my headphones into my phone and continue listening to the queue from the same position. Rdio also gracefully kept the play queue intact when my phone would go in and out of reception during my commute. Spotify claims that this is how it should work, but I found the queue state to change rather frequently, most likely because of failed API calls from my mobile device. Apple Music simply does not provide any context on your computer what you’ve been doing on your phone, aside from a Recently Added section. You can’t access your play queue across devices whatsoever.

So after scratching off Spotify and Apple Music, and a brief attempt at using Tidal (ugh), I decided the best way forward for me is to go back to the days when all I had was one or two CDs in my car with me, and a portable CD player to listen to them with. That is, if I don’t have the music with me physically, I just won’t be able to listen to it.

Keep it local

At first I attempted to do this using Apple Music and the built-in Download option, but for one thing, sometimes the downloads would silently fail, and when I tried to play the failed tracks they would simply load in the player, and then skip to the next track. I often found entire albums in this state, and the only way to fix this issue is to remove the album entirely from your collection, go find it again on Apple Music, and then add it back into your collection, and THEN you can try to download it again and hope it works this time. Considering I have several hundred albums I’d like to carry around on my phone at all times, I got sick of this song and dance very quickly.

At this point, I was also getting really sick of the bugs on the desktop version of iTunes (which is how you access Apple Music on a Mac, why they can’t have consistent naming across all these products that they own, I don’t know). This is when I remembered a little-known developer called Coppertino. They make a music player for Mac and iOS that I have found to be the perfect solution for my problems. Below I am going to describe how I achieved my final setup, and the pros and cons to going this route.

VOX music player

First of all, I’m a huge music fan, I go to shows as much as I can, and I have been a musician since I was 6 years old, went to college for music, and after that played regularly in a rock band for several years, until it was clear I was not going to be able to make a living without doing a SHITLOAD of hustling, which I’m not really good at anyway. All that is to say, I believe artists should be paid for their work, and I put my money directly in to artists’ hands as much as possible. With all that said, it pains me to say that as of today, the best way I have found of capturing and keeping music without relying on some third party to manage my library is by using private torrent trackers to download everything I want. There are never issues where albums go away, or are delayed due to artist’s whims or licensing issues. I download the album as a folder of files, and I never have to worry about finding that album again. I also like to purchase vinyl versions of records as they almost always come with a download code for 320Kbps encoded mp3s. I take these files and store them in Dropbox for safe keeping.

There are many things that I love about the VOX music player. For one, you can use the media keys built into all the latest Macs by downloading a system preferences panel that lets you toggle controlling music playback from the keyboard, headphones, or a paired remote. With every other music player I’ve used on a Mac, including Rdio, when you used the media keys to control playback it always triggered iTunes opening in the background, just taking up resources for no reason. Not so with VOX, however they are capturing the media key input, it does not result in iTunes opening and consuming resources.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.45.57 PM.png

I also enjoy the fact that by default VOX has nothing inside of it, you have to provide the media yourself, but there are a number of choices which makes that simpler. Inside the VOX application preferences, there is a panel called sources, which is how you inform the application where to find your music.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.44.40 PM.png

As you can see, there are several options here, Collections, iTunes,, and SoundCloud. The SoundCloud integration is kind of neat, but I found the notifications SoundCloud pushes out to make it too annoying to use in practice, so I have not enabled it. If you choose to Sync with iTunes Library, and you use Apple Music, anything you’ve “liked” will be present in the player, and it is probably the easiest way to get started with this application, or if you just wanted to try it out without investing too much time in getting your collection loaded up.

I have decided however, that I will forevermore maintain my own local library of files (and I’ve decided to use FLAC, because why not?). So in my case, once VOX was open, I opened a Finder window with a view of my Music directory full of FLAC files, and just drag and dropped the entire collection into the VOX player.

VOX supports the ability to upload all your music into their cloud locker service known as LOOP. For $5 a month, you can store all your FLAC files or any other type of media VOX recognizes (and it recognizes a lot!) and then these files become accessible to other computers and devices using the VOX media player app.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.44.45 PM

This means that I only need to maintain one single music library on a Mac which will be treated as the master, and then I can load music onto my work laptop or phone at will. By default, simply choosing music to play and listening to it on the other non-master devices will result in the track being streamed. If I choose to, there is a download option available on the iOS app, as well as from the Mac desktop app.

The desktop app is also very nice looking, and provides a plethora of information in a nice, compact design. I love that it includes details about the encoding of the file you are currently listening to.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.43.56 PM.png

By default, the player takes up very little space, and of course you have several options about how the player should behave such as keeping it on top of all other windows, in all spaces (Mac’s term for desktops), etc. when you’re curious to see what’s coming up next in your play queue, clicking the ellipse (sometimes called a ‘More’ button) the player expands to show details of the play queue:

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.44.14 PM.png

From there you can manage your queue, jump forward in the queue, etc. To the left of the queue tab is your library tab. In there is all the music you have fed into VOX. There are sub tabs for various sources like Loop, iTunes, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 1.13.29 PM.png

Overall, it’s a great experience to use on the desktop and on iOS, and it provides all the same features across both operating systems.

VOX for iOS

The best part of this new setup is by FAR the iOS app. Because VOX provides the LOOP cloud storage service, when you open up VOX on iOS, you can see all of your content and listen to anything from your collection immediately, without having to worry about connecting back to your home computer or deal with your shitty internet service provider. The iOS app provides a beautiful view of all of your albums, and the philosophy behind the app works very well for me, as someone who cares only about albums and artists, as opposed to tracks or playlists.

Just have a look around this gorgeous interface:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now of course, nothing is perfect. 🙂


The most annoying thing to me is probably the fact that when I attempt to share what I am listening to using the native iOS share sheet to write a tweet, there is text generated for the tweet automatically based on the artist and track which is excellent, but then it also includes a statement and link about the player itself, which is fine if I were allowed to change the default. I understand, the app store market is rough and exponentially so for an indie developer. I’m happy to promote the app as much as possible, and trust me I tell everyone I know about this thing. But I find it tedious to have to edit the pre-filled text in a tweet when all I usually do is take out the link to the app store download.

Share with everyone!

A nice bonus would be if it linked to a service like, which I believe is private and used only by the developer behind the Mac desktop music player app Simplify, but maybe they could make a deal. It let’s you share one link that displays a page with links to popular streaming services, so you can share to your friends without having to think about which service they’re using.

Big files move slow

I have chosen to use FLAC files. Being that these are lossless audio files, they take up a lot of space. The LOOP uploader can only go so fast, and depending upon your ISP it may throttle uploads meaning it can take quite a few days to upload even a modest collection like mine (About 163GB).

Disk space

I’ve also had some issues, which I believe are not due to the VOX application itself, when my Mac running the LOOP uploader ran out of disk space on the main disk. However, this left some uploads in a failed state, or albums would be missing some tracks. To be clear, I mean in terms of the playback of files FROM the LOOP service onto another device. I had to go through the library on the master VOX Mac running the LOOP uploads, and comb through each album looking for tracks which I need to upload to LOOP. It would be nice if the application featured a smart playlist of tracks in this state, would at least make repairing issues like this faster.

LOOP works very well for me

That said, once files are pushed up to LOOP, the service is rock solid. I have used it in spotty coverage (2 ‘dots’ of LTE in Clayton, CA) and streaming works beautifully. Of course, since they are just direct copies of your files, the sound quality is identical aside from the fact that I stream over Bluetooth in my car. I could plug a USB directly and the only limitation would be the processing on the internal iPhone audio chip.

I downloaded a ton of stuff back to my phone after uploading to LOOP from the Mac. Now I can carry all the albums I love to hear again and again, and I can get access to my library on demand without using Apple’s service at all. Because let’s face it, Apple makes great hardware, but their online services suck a jaguar’s ass.


I’ve also been playing with an open source project which aims to become a Tivo type of system for your music. The idea is you point the Headphones software to your music folder, and it uses musicbrainz’s API to identify artists and albums/releases, and then you can configure it to utilize NZBs or torrents to automatically download new albums or other releases as they become available. If you’re familiar with SickBeard this is the same thing, but for music. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a fork.

I’ll really miss Rdio for the great music discovery experience they built, but too many services have failed me now, so I’m planning to continue curating my own music library of files and backing it up appropriately, so no matter what service I choose to use or try, I’ve always got a hard copy of my library somewhere.

I’m also hoping that will come up with a better app on iOS. The new site looks like, but it’s all the same old stuff, just interesting ways to look at your data and see recommendations. I find’s recommendations to be mostly good, sometimes great. I just wish it was a nicer experience from a phone.

I’m very happy to have all the music I love directly stored on my phone, like it was 2005 and I was carrying around an iPod synced to iTunes at home. Grabbing new music is really easy now, so it’s not hard to jump into something new if someone suggests something to me. I look forward to enjoying this setup for a long time to come, I just hope that the developer of VOX continues to support this software!


Particle Zoo stats

I reached out to my old band mate Jeff yesterday to see if he still had the data he kept on all of our old band’s shows. Luckily he did, and I was able to extract the following stats from my time playing in the band. The most important stat is the date I met my wife, which was before a show in South Amboy, NJ on 5/18/2002!

139 shows total
From 11/3/2000 to 5/27/2006

Breakdown of activity by year
2000: 2 shows
2001: 13 shows / 1 EP (Go-go)
2002: 43 shows / 1 LP (It's in the Cans)
2003: 29 shows
2004: 31 shows
2005: 12 shows / 1 LP (Loneliness and Strangers)
2006: 5 shows

Venues played more than once:
14 Maxwell’s
   9 Krogh’s
   6 The Baggot Inn
   6 Loop Lounge
   5 Uncle Joe’s
   5 Court Tavern
   4 Zabbazu
   4 Tierney's
   3 The Blackstone
   3 Images
   3 Broadway Central Café
   3 Arlene Grocery
   2 Whiskey Bar
   2 The Underpass
   2 The Shannon Lounge
   2 The Saw Mill
   2 The Saint
   2 The Crossroads
   2 The Continental
   2 Plum St. Pub
   2 Jitter’s
   2 Connections
   2 Capt. Nick’s Rock n Roll Bar

Cities played:
20 New York, NY
19 Hoboken, NJ
10 New Brunswick, NJ
9 Sparta, NJ
7 Passaic, NJ
5 Jersey City, NJ
5 Bound Brook, NJ
4 Montclair, NJ
3 South Amboy, NJ
3 Philadelphia, PA
3 Cumberland, RI
3 Block Island, RI
2 Stanhope, NJ
2 Seaside Park, NJ
2 Garwood, NJ
2 Fairview, NJ
2 Elmwood Park, NJ
2 Brooklyn, NY
2 Asbury Park, NJ
2 Westchester, PA
1 Woodbury, CT
1 Union, NJ
1 Trenton, NJ
1 Teaneck, NJ
1 South River, NJ
1 Somerville, MA
1 Secaucus, NJ
1 Seaside Heights, NJ
1 Salisbury, MA
1 Rockaway, NJ
1 Rahway, NJ
1 Providence, RI
1 Portland, ME
1 Pequonnock, NJ
1 Passaic Park, NJ
1 Nyack, NY
1 Newburgh, NY
1 New Hope, PA
1 Morristown, NJ
1 Long Branch, NJ
1 Linden, NJ
1 Jamaica Plain, MA
1 Ithaca, NY
1 Hartford, CT
1 Hamden, CT
1 Franklin, NJ
1 Fairfield, NJ
1 Ewing, NJ
1 Buffalo, NY
1 Brooklyn, NJ
1 Baltimore, MD
1 Allston, MA
1 Allentown, PA

2013, in more than 140 characters



2013 was an amazing year for our family, and since I haven’t posted all year, I figured this would be a good opportunity to write down my thoughts. We started the year going to the top of Mount Diablo (visible from our backyard), and this was one of many outdoors trips we would take this year.

In January JP and I were still working the 12 hour overnight shift from 7pm to 7am. This led to learning how to make cappuccinos with the machine at work thanks to JP’s time working at Borders.

Anna and I checked out an Eichler home in the area, and fell in love with these unique homes. When we buy a house we will almost surely wait it out for an Eichler home.

We did a lot of travelling in December of 2012, so we pretty much stayed home for the month of January.


In February things started to get interesting. We were in talks with Twitter to move to Ireland and work with the new TCC team being interviewed and hired for 2013. Before our trip to Dublin, I took a class trip with my kids to the Cathedral of Christ the Light, which was an amazing building.


Then, on February 21st, the night before we were to fly to Dublin, Anna’s purse was stolen while we were taking her mom out to dinner to say thanks for watching our kids while we were away. Fortunately, her passport was not in the purse, and we were able to cancel all debit and credit cards before too much damage was done. We also had to have all the locks on our house changed, as the thieves got her license and house keys.

Regardless, on February 22nd we left for Dublin in good spirits! Dublin was amazing. We met many new friends (mostly people that worked at Twitter, of course) and Anna got to enjoy the city while I was working. The first day there we took a bus tour that drove from Dublin down to Cork and back. We had a few stops along the way to see some castles that were many centuries older than America. Overall the trip was amazing and very positive.


And of course what trip to Ireland would be complete without a visit to the Blarney Stone (I kissed it, Anna did not).




After a crazy international trip in February, March was much more quiet. Of course, that doesn’t mean we didn’t take any trips! My father-in-law was in Brea (near L.A.) for business right around Easter time, so we drove down to stay with him and my mother-in-law for a few nights, and they took us all to Disneyland! We also went to the Santa Monica Pier, and did a little driving around Hollywood.


We had a great time at Disneyland and overall a wonderful Easter break.



In April Bunny broke her arm riding her new Razor scooter in the backyard. She was in good spirits after getting checked out by the doctor!


April is also the month of Bunny’s birth, and this year she chose to celebrate with a handful of close friends and we took them all to the Melting Pot!


We also decided to finally trade in our aging, beat up Dodge Caravan for a nice 2011 Toyota Camry!



In May I got to reunite with Lukasz, who I had interviewed while I was in Dublin, because he was the first hire for the TCC Dublin team! This month was also the time both girls were scheduled to receive First Communion, and to help us celebrate, my mom came out for a brief visit!


So did our good family friend Christian, as well as the kids other grandmother from Florida (she who had flown out to watch the kids while we were in Ireland)!! The First Communion was a great success, and we had a nice little party afterwards.


The other major event in May was Mother’s Day, of course! To celebrate we took Anna to her favorite restaurant: The Distillery, in Half Moon Bay. We had a great time as always.

Mother's Day Dinner

We were also very proud of Lila Holler, who won best poetry for the 2nd grade across the diocese! Her little book of poems was amazing, and she is an inspiring little writer.

Lila wins her award


In June we found out that one of our favorite people from NJ had secretly moved out to Oakland! We made plans right away to visit with Chris Silk. It happened to coincide with the Alameda sand castle contest, and then the girls and I spent the afternoon with him while he grilled us all up some food. It was great to have another friend in the East Bay.

We quickly made plans to go camping, and we found a great campground right at Lake Tahoe called Sugar Pine Point. The days and nights were both amazingly beautiful. This was when we fell in love with Tahoe.


We also decided to join a private swim club, since the summers in Concord get pretty intense. Best decision of the year, the kids love it there, and it is quite affordable!

June was also the last full month I worked the overnight shift at the Twitter Command Center. I had been studying Python and working on a new project which would make it into production by the end of the year!


At the end of June Anna and the kiddos went down to Naples, FL, to stay with her parents for a few weeks (as has become their normal summer routine). That meant I had a lot of time at home alone, and spent some of my days with these dudes:


This photo was taken at some outdoor music festival that happened in Oakland, I can’t remember the name. I finally bought myself some new clothes, and JP and I finally got back to working days at Twitter. This was one of the best things that happened to me this year, as it meant not having to constantly switch between sleeping during the day and sleeping during the night. This started some amazing changes at work that continue to bring me joy.

For the week around my birthday, I flew out to Naples, FL to spend it with my wife and kids. We also took a day to drive up to visit my dad at his new marina!


We spent the day fishing off the pier, and had a nice lunch and dinner with my dad before heading back to Naples. Later in the week, we had a great dinner with my grandparents, and the day before I flew home we had one last lunch with them at their favorite spot on Marco Island.


After I got back from FL, a few days later we started one of our quarterly Buddy Weekends (since my family was all still back in FL). Billy Reuben flew out to stay with JP and I, and we pretty much just hung out watching movies, playing video games, a lot of Space Team. It was a great time, and a perfect way to end the month.


I almost forgot, but I also had a visit from an old friend from my days studying computers at Chubb in NJ. I had helped him get an interview at Twitter and he and his wife came out for a round of interviews and to check out moving to CA. It didn’t work out, but it was really great to see Mike Mackintosh again.



In August, my family came home, and we took our second trip to Tahoe with Max and Donna Michaels. We split a house with them, and it was one of the best vacations we have been on!



The kiddos and I in Emerald Bay

Anna and I on King's Beach

We rented a paddle board, did a bunch of hiking, and everyone had a really great time.

No August would be complete without a birthday party for Lila Holler! This year she was obsessed with pigs, so everything at her party was pig themed. We had it at our pool club, and the kids had a great time. Most importantly, Lila finally had a birthday party she enjoyed, after years of parties ruined by one thing or another. (She was born the same day that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans).

Lila's 8th birthday party

We also celebrated Anna’s birthday, but unfortunately we couldn’t go to The Distillery this time because the bridge was closed between here and there. She got a nice Free People dress and a lot of love.

Also school got back into gear this month and EVERYONE was glad the kids had something to keep them busier.


This month, there was a huge fire on Mt. Diablo that looked much scarier than it really was.

Mt. Diablo Fire

In September the latest Grand Theft Auto also came out, which was a very exciting time of the year for me. We put together a little man cave in the garage, and JP came over to enjoy the experience of picking the game up at midnight and playing until we couldn’t keep our eyes open.

The man cave

We were also invited to a celebration of Mexican Independence Day, where we got to see the traditional dresses and food that our Mexican friends enjoy on this special day.

I also got to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Fillmore, which was a great concert.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Fillmore

Lila and I also had a daddy/daughter day alone and went to the Oakland Zoo. It was good, but it’s no Philadelphia Zoo.

Lila at the Oakland Zoo


In October Anna and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been that long already, seems like much less time. We celebrated by going back to Tahoe and renting a place just with our family. We had a really wonderful time, again, and tried some new places out. If we ever buy a second house I’m sure it will be in Tahoe!

Anna, Bunny and Lila at Lake Tahoe

At the end of October, we went camping again. This time, it was with Anna’s long time friend from NYC, Logan Carter!

Logan and Anna in Big Sur

We had a great time camping with them in Big Sur, in fact we decided to extend our stay an extra night so we could enjoy another day together! We met Logan’s boyfriend Gab, who did most of the cooking since he’s a chef. We did some more hiking and sight seeing. Overall it was a great trip and a great time.

Every October ends with Halloween, but sadly I think Anna got all those pictures since i didn’t go trick or treating this year.

We got another nice surprise in October, as we found out that Twitter was going through with an IPO in November!!!!


We didn’t think Twitter would IPO until 2015 or 2016, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise to find out it was going to happen THIS YEAR! Everyone was abuzz at work about the IPO, and the day of the IPO we all gathered in the commons at HQ to watch the opening bell at the NYSE.

Twitter IPO at HQ

After watching the opening bell, we all got back to work while we waited to hear what the opening price was. Once the price was getting close to settled, my team and I watched the news pretty closely to see it happen in real time.

Watching TV in the TCC

Overall it was a really exciting day, and it was a blast to experience that first hand. We had a party that night which kicked off with a speech from our CEO. Overall a pretty great day.

That wasn’t the end of the excitement for November though! We had a visit for several weeks from the Rivas family, from NJ. They are like family to us, we are very close. While it was stressful having 9 people in a house made for 4, it was a fun time, and we were all thankful that we got to spend some time together for Thanksgiving. We took them to SF, the Golden Gate Bridge, Dolores Park (where I saw Biz Stone and Ev Williams playing with their kids), as well as a bunch of other places like Napa.

Rivas' at the Golden Gate Bridge

Thanksgiving Dinner


In December I had the opportunity to go to a Python Meetup at Yelp HQ, which was really enjoyable. I went with a coworker named JJ, who I eventually found out lives less than a mile from us in Concord. I first met JJ when he gave JP and I a TON of feedback at work on our software project. It was really exciting to have someone with as much experience as JJ take an interest in helping us out so much. JJ also told us about a school specifically to help children with dyslexia, which is something we have been looking for to help Bunny. We went this month to visit them and while it isn’t perfect, we think it will be the right choice to help Bunny overcome her sequencing issues. I was finally able to introduce Anna and JJ at the Twitter holiday party. Anna also got to meet everyone else on my team that she didn’t know, and one of the other coworkers that has been a huge help to me this year: Joe Smith.

All dressed up for the Twitter Holiday Party

Anna and I stayed in SF the night of the holiday party so we wouldn’t have to deal with getting all the way back to Concord. We got all dressed up in our room and then took a cab to City Hall for the party!

Twitter Holiday Party at City Hall

On Christmas Eve, the kiddos both sang with the school choir at the 5pm Mass. Here they are all dressed up:


To close out the year we had an amazing Christmas, the best one yet. The kids got everything that they asked Santa for, plus a couple of old things from us. Anna was surprised with a new computer!

Overall this year has been amazing for us. Now that our company has IPO’ed we have a pretty solid idea of the value of our stock, and it’s very good.

Personally, I’ve had good success getting more and more feeling back while recovering from my transverse myelitis (which first struck me on New Year’s Eve 2010). Anna and I have been growing our marriage, and I feel more in love now than ever before. The kids have branched out into trying new things (both are doing Cheerleading, and Bunny has been taking Irish step dance lessons). Anna has been working towards starting her post partum doula business.

As for me, this has been one of the most exciting years for me professionally. I started the year with a nascent software project at work, which has turned into what takes up most of my time at work now. We realized after a few months that we needed some more experienced developers giving us input, and that was when we started working closely with Joe Smith. He has been an immeasurable help to us. That was topped off by the surprise feedback we got from JJ later in the year. Since then he has become something of a mentor to me at work. It’s amazing to have all this help available to enhance all the studying and hard work I do to propel my career forward.

2014 looks to be shaping up to be the year we finally get rid of all credit card and student loan debt, and we might even buy a house! As we prepare for our little NYE party tonight, I look forward to all the adventures we will have in 2014, as well as looking forward to my professional development at work!